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Our Story


Thank you for stopping by! I’m Emily, mom of two precious little girls and founder of Addie Joy Company. The mission of AJC is one enveloped in love, care, and mindfulness. To share a little background, back in 2018, I made the life change from working in the corporate world to operating my own business out of my home. Although I enjoyed my retail job, there was something missing. I struggled with the mandatory schedule and long hours keeping me away from my family. Addie Joy Company was born out of inspiration from an article I read—I recall the moment vividly. It was the middle of the night, and I was up with my baby for what seemed the hundredth time, exhausted after a long work day, and feeling anxious and daunted by the 12-hour work day ahead. The article told the story of a missionary who traveled to countries to help underserved communities. She described the heartbreaking conditions of the orphanages—she witnessed multiple babies laying in makeshift cribs. But what struck her to the core was that there was no crying...it was quiet. The babies had lapsed into silence having been conditioned to know that no one would respond to their cries, no one was going to come for them. Where there should have been healthy cries of babies, instead—heartbreaking silence. My own heart broke, and I had a new drive to find a way to be fully present with my family while also helping other families find each other. This is why Addie Joy Company came to be—to help families who are on their adoption journey. We donate a potion of every sale to help fund adoptions nationally. I feel blessed by the experience gained from my years in the corporate sector—I’ve been able to fully utilize my previous experience in customer service and retail management to ensure your shopping experience is the best possible. I understand that as a parent you have limited time to shop, that you want to make sure what you are ordering is exactly what you are expecting, and that you want quality items for your little ones. We design clothing that is comfortable, practical, and affordable to bring you joy while you see your child crawling, playing, laughing—living a beautiful life. This is why we work to uplift multiple mom-owned businesses to bring unique patterns, soft and functional fabrics, and unique designs to our shop that we know you will love!

Thank you for supporting our shop. Thank you for being part of the adoption journey for so many families. And thank you for changing and impacting the lives of children—together we will ensure as many babies as possible are wrapped in loving arms. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out. You can email support@addiejoycompany.com.  We will respond to your email Monday through Friday within 24 hours.



 “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill