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Addie Joy Company has a heart for Adoption!

Affordable Quality & Comfort is our top priority. Every item is handpicked from artisans around the world. All orders are shipped from the USA. We are more than a Children's Boutique. We are an advocate for adoption. With every purchase, we donate a portion of proceeds to help fund adoptions. Every purchase made with Addie Joy Co helps a child find a loving home. By giving us your support you are creating a lasting impact on the life of a child. 


"Hands down best in customer service and the product quality--  as well as shipping time is second to none!

Rebekah From Washington

Absolutely! A joy to work with & very responsive. I love their inventory and my order arrived promptly. I will be ordering again soon. And I love their company's philosophy to aid in adoptions. There was no downside to the experience and I would highly recommend them and their products.

Laura From Michigan

Fantastic Mission; fantastic product. Very please with service and quality!

Susan From North Carolina